Is this how we’re protecting the environment?

We don’t want this article to be boring. I’ll right away start by asking a few questions. How many of us took a shower today? For those who didn’t, at least you washed your faces, right? Alright! I’m sure most of us are using the anti- bacterial soaps? Yes?

Moving on…

Do we have any chai drinkers or Coffee tipplers?


Hmmm… well this is a matter of concern.

It won’t be right to talk about protecting the environment without discussing how exactly we are harming it in the first place.

So, here are a few facts before you –

Dear germaphobes and hygiene lovers, nearly 75% of the anti-bacterial body washes include an ingredient called ‘triclosan’ You want to know how harmful it is? It is so harmful that it disrupts the ability of algae to perform photosynthesis, even after being flushed down and treated in sewage treatment plants.

Is this how we’re protecting the environment?


Now my tea and coffee buffs, this one’s for you.

You know, I personally am a coffee digger and the idea of giving up on my evening cup of joy gives me a major heartache. But you might want to know that the environment has to pay a heavy price for us to enjoy our coffee. Reports say that coffee production not only causes deforestation, but also results in a lot of waste generation in the process of turning coffee cherries into grinded ones.

Aren’t we harming the environment? Hang on, we’ll come to conclusions and answers by the end of this speech.

My next point…

Okay I am fully aware that what I’m going to say next, is going to gross people out. I am talking about a habit called “selective flushing”. It is best explained by the rhyme: ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down’. What this means is, that it is not absolutely necessary to use the flush every time you use the toilet. I am not saying that let your pee fester for days, but it’s not going to hurt anyone if you stop flushing every single time you pee. In fact, you’ll be saving up to 7 gallons of water per flush.

After reading all of this, you might have figured out by now that I’m here talking about the things we do on a daily basis without even realizing that we’re harming the environment by doing so. I can sit on my desk here and write a long article on how we should completely ban using vehicles and plastics, plant & water trees, turn to e-learning; but hey! Who are we fooling? The thing is that executing our superficial plans to save the environment is not going to help in the longer run.

Let’s take the example of Delhi. Was the ‘odd-even’ system successful? No.

Now don’t get started on how the govt. officials had missed inherent loopholes in the execution of the plan. We have to admit that we tend to find a loophole or shortcut to every duty at our disposal, including the task of environment protection.

If I ask you what you have done for the protection of the environment; maybe you’ll say ‘ I planted a tree two weeks ago’ or ‘ I refused a plastic from the vendor the other day’ or something like ‘I don’t take a bath to save water’ haha! Okay the last one was uncalled for.

Do you notice a pattern? The good things we do for the environment are not on a daily basis, but the harmful habits which were earlier mentioned are executed by us every single day. How does this equation balance out? We are harming the system daily; directly or indirectly. Honestly, it’s not going to be an easy task to protect the nature but let’s start with a few small things which we can do daily to further the cause. Just 4 simple things if we all do will make a huge impact! Are you ready for it? Here we go… and mind you most of these things you might’ve heard before. I’m here to remind you.

  1. I know it’s a monthly affair but ladies, try reusable menstrual products. Reports suggest that more than 20 billion sanitary napkins are dumped in India every year.

Just google and educate yourselves about other better options.

  1. Like I said, drinking coffee wastes paper and supports an industry which is responsible for deforestation, try switching to shade grown coffee it’s a bit easier on the environment.
  2. stop charging gadgets overnight. I know it’s not a major offence but still something to ponder upon. Moreover, if you’re on a budget and are desperate to protect the environment unplugging will save you a couple bucks every month and a few watts of energy every year.
  3. Avoid going to Asian take outs where wooden disposable chopsticks are given. These disposable chopsticks are stripping the Asian forests bare as around 4 million trees are sacrificed to produce 57 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year. That noodle that you had using chopsticks turns out to be costlier than you thought.

So, these were 4 basic points that you should keep in mind if you’re into protecting the environment. Nothing mentioned above is superficial, nothing’s made up. Just sheer facts.

Apart from these daily deeds you know the drill. Plant trees once in a while, avoid vehicles, turn off lights when not required, try avoiding showers…no really! Switch to tubs as it saves water and you end up contributing to environmental protection.

It’s not about some major scientific breakthrough which we should wait for, it is simply about the small things we do every day, and that is what’s going to bring an actual change.

That was all from my side thanks for reading I’ll be posting more so make sure you follow my blog to stay updated:)



One thought on “Is this how we’re protecting the environment?

  1. Very good. Every drop counts. I save dishwater, ride the bike, bus, and walk instead of the car when I can. Recycle everything. However, political action (the majority of people acting to pressure their governments) is needed to change the laws to reduce emissions and conserve energy.

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