Back to normal…

Travel, vacation, solo trips, holidays…hmm…smells like freedom.

Last month I went to my native place Gaya (Bihar). I had lots of fun. I went through an alley of memories. The streets, the houses, the shops the people…changed. But change is the law of nature. I know.

I got reminded of how our family united on festive occasions and how we used to have fun. I was a kid back then. (still am. Ha-ha!)

I still remember when we visited Gaya during summer vacations. All the elders chatted till late night on the terrace and we kids played all that while. Even when we were asked to sleep we didn’t.

I hated it when summer vacations got over.

And you know there is this one line that I’m always been told by my parents after the end of every trip and vacation we go on ‘Back to normal now…’

Now I wonder why back to normal? We can still have fun in life, right?

Earlier if you’d ask me my idea of fun in life my only answer would be travel! But now I’ve realised that there’s so much more to life. I mean travelling is also one of the ways in which we can have fun but we don’t travel all the time. Do we? (Exceptions are always there.)

Can’t we find fun in the things that we do daily. Now you have to think why your daily life is boring? If it really is, then make some amendments here and there. For example, add your hobby in your daily routine. For me it’s writing and music. You have to find your fun element… after all you know yourself better (Obviously!)

Finding the activity or little things that make you happy daily is important because after the end of the day it’s you who has to continue that life, right? There’s no point of faking a cool life on social media. You won’t be satisfied with just followers and likes. You have to find your ‘inner happiness’, your ‘inner peace’ and eventually things will work.

I believe that Having fun does not just mean to go on a trip. And when you’re back you don’t have to get back to normal. It’s your life… make each day count, make each day fun. Not for showing others but for yourself.

~Rishita Sanya

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