Agh! my wi-fi network went down today. It is one of the worst feelings in the world, I know *sigh*. but you know what made it even worse, I was in the middle of a video.

I was helpless. I could’ve watched t.v but I find it boring so that explains why I’ve got no idea about daily soaps.

I decided to take my ukulele (Yes I can play an instrument) and sat down in my room’s balcony. I sang my favourite songs out loud, practised some strumming patterns. I stopped only when hunger knocked in. 

I got up went to the kitchen and guess what? I felt helpless again for I believed I didn’t know how to cook.

Mom and dad were not at home. 

for those of you wondering if I can’t cook Maggi as well let me tell you that I don’t have packets of Maggi at home all the time and I’m way too lazy to go out and get it myself.

That moment I realised how dependent we all had become on these How to…‘ videos.

I although knew how to peel a potato and chop it and I also knew how to switch on a stove, ok so I just realised that this ‘cooking thing‘ was not so alien for me. I made ‘Aloo-bhujiya‘ and I was sorted. I made a cup of coffee as well.

I sat down in my bedroom and ate in silence. it felt so nice. I got reminded of some past memories, some were good while some were not-so-good.

I spent some time near my fishes. I put my finger on the aquarium’s glass and all of them gathered around that point. when I moved my finger they followed. it was so much fun.

later that evening I took out a book Devlok  by Devdutt Pattnayak. It was really interesting. I felt so productive that I had almost forgotten about the internet. It indeed was a good time that I spent away from my phone but imagining a life without a phone is also not possible, technology makes our work so much easier but what I realised was sometimes keeping this technology aside feels good.

I think we all should try it once. it might sound dramatic but you should totally give this idea a try. It was nice to meet me!

~Rishita Sanya



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